About Us About PIMI

Our Company, Phoenix Innovative Materials Inc. (PIMI), was founded with a strong belief that the world is in an urgent need of more environmentally-friendly plastic materials (polymers).  It is with this in mind PIMI had its core mission firmly set on researching, developing, and producing greener next generation polymer materials.

Over the past decades, vast varieties of plastic products, wastes, and by-products have been deposited in land, bodies of water, and air throughout the globe.  To some, The Blue Planet has essentially become a giant “landfill.”  Many undesirable effects have been felt throughout the globe (e.g., greenhouse gas, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch), and some are probably causing irreversible changes to the Planet.  We believe, collectively, environmentally-conscientious materials companies can find ways to act more responsibly in developing greener materials that can reverse the current destructive courses.  Such efforts should be invested into all aspects from the manufacture, use, and the disposal of plastics.  Plastics have become an integral part of human lives, and the need to make them less of a “necessary evil” is very clear.  Many also believe moving towards greener practices should be treated as a mandate for today’s plastic industry.  Phoenix Innovative Materials is therefore fully engaged to participate in the Planet’s rebirth journey to “Rise like a Phoenix.”