Products Microporous membranes
Based on microporosity first principles and olefin chemistry, the PIMI Team developed a series of light weight microporous membranes (Feathers®). These membranes were engineered to cover a broad range of property sets for end-uses from outdoor apparel, hygiene, to filtration. We can manipulate critical microstructure parameters such as micro/nano-pore size and distribution, morphological architecture, and mechanical properties. Depending on your specific needs, the membranes can be tailored to provide optimum property balances meeting your requirements. Our membranes are made following a much more environmentally-friendly path, from raw material, film-making and to end-of-use processes. Specifically, our material is light weight (thus generating lower carbon footprint), does not present potential bioaccumulation and fire hazards (as in the case of PTFE and PU/TPU), and is either reclaimable/recylable or can follow normal disposal processes (incineration, landfill).

The uniqueness of our membranes is further described below:
• A better solution for the more environmentally conscientious world:
Low carbon footprint, benign manufacture processes of raw material and film, safe reclaim/recycle/landfill options
• Light weight (feather-like):
Specific weight is 50-200% lighter than urethane and fluoropolymer, respectively.
• Tailorable for desired apparel property balance:
Water resistance, breathability, moisture transport, softness
• Wide range applications:
Functional outdoor apparels, medical/PPE, footwear, filtration
Olefin based membrane
Olefin based membrane